High wind at Devils Canyon Overlook (East View toward Crow Indian Reservation)
Oil on canvas 12" x 36"
Devils Canyon Overlook at the confluence of the Wyoming state border, Crow Indian Reservation, and Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. The narrow winding Bighorn Canyon walls rise over 1,000 feet for a stretch of over 50 miles and created sixty-five million years ago.

Devils Canyon Overlook - Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Preserve straddles the border between Wyoming and Montana with canyon walls at over 1,000 feet.
While painting a visitor's off leash dog got around the safety guardrail started toward the rim; there was a rustling in the brush beside me. Bighorn sheep stood up and scanned the canyon face. As the canine drew close, they nimbly leaped down the sheer canyon wall to safety.